Here are the latest categories surfaced in the Apple TV App Store!

A slew of new app categories have surfaced on the Apple TV App Store, making it a bit easier to discover new apps for a variety of uses. As first reported by AfterPad, the new categories that have surface include:

  • Business Apps
  • Weather Apps
  • Utilities
  • Travel Apps
  • Social Networking Apps
  • Reference Apps
  • Productivity Apps
  • Music Apps
  • Finance Apps
  • Book Apps
  • Medical Apps
  • Catalogs

The Apple TV App Store has gradually started displaying more and more categories over the past months as developers have started churning out all manner of new apps for the platform. While the App Store initially started with no categories, that problem was remedied shortly after launch. Over time, as each category gains enough apps to warrant its own section, new new options have surfaced, bringing the tvOS App Store further in-line with its iOS cousin.

Given the fact that the new categories have only just started to surface, it may take some time for them to start showing for everyone.

Source: AfterPad; Via: 9to5Mac