After a few teasers, Gameloft has released their lane defense game, Heroes of Order and Chaos. Up to five players join forces and play against others online. The two sides clash in three primary corridors, using special powers and equipment to overcome minions, opposing players, defensive towers, and ultimately the headquarters at the other side.

Aside from gathering coins for goods on a per-match basis, players also win currency which can be spent on unlocking new heroes. Every hero has a particular role, either as guardian, mage, fighter, or support, not to mention a very unique style, complete with dedicated voice acting. Players also earn talent points over time, which can tailor to your particular playstyle's strengths. Of course, there are plenty of the standard social elements, including guilds, friending, and profiles with custom avatars and play stats. 

Heroes of Order and Chaos is a free title that leans on in-app purchases, and it's as close to Dota 2 that you're going to get on iPad for the time being. So, who's in? Any big Dota 2 or League of Legends players out there? 

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