Did you order a new MacBook Pro? When is it scheduled to arrive?

If you're as pumped as we are for the new MacBook Pro, you probably tried your best to order is ASAP, constantly refreshing your browser until the ability to slip that sweet, sweet #MacBookPro into your shopping cart appeared before your very eyeballs (or maybe you died of starvation waiting to order it, in which case, that suuuuuucks, man.)

There are a ton of draws for the new MacBook Pro, and whether it be the touch bar, the size, the intense speed, or any of the other kick-ass features, I would want to know...

Did you order a brand new, shiny, super fancy MacBook Pro? And if you did, when is it scheduled to arrive?

Ps: Have you entered our contest to win a MacBook Pro?! Because if you haven't, that's kind of a huge bummer.