Hey, Mac users: Save 50 percent on Pixelmator! One week only

Pixelmator is fantastic Mac image editing software (it's also made for iOS). The deal is only for one week, so get yourself over to the Mac App Store and buy it.

Whether you use your Mac to draw and illustrate or edit existing imagery, Pixelmator is an essential app. It's one of my favorites — I picked it for Best Mac apps for photo editing. Don't take my word for it, though. Apple put it on their Mac App Store "Essentials" list and also gave the software a coveted Apple Design Award (an annual award given at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference).

The software sports an impressive list of features: Drawing and retouching tools, 160 effects, color-correction tools, painting and selection tools, layer styles, compatibility with Photoshop, 16-bit per channel support, and much more.

Last November Pixelmator went to version 3.3, adding a new Yosemite-inspired redesign, support for iCloud Drive, Handoff and other new features.

Even at $30, Pixelmator is a heck of a value, especially compared to the cost of other image editing software (cough Photoshop cough). But at $15? It's a steal.

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