HiLO Lens lets you take pictures at creative angles with your iPhone or iPadThe HiLO Lens is currently on Kickstarter seeking backers for what can only be described as a clip on lens for your iPhone or iPad that allows you to get creative with your photographs. The HiLO lens is the first ever right angle lens for your iOS device that will let you take pictures from all sorts of new angles.

Modern digital cameras often have a swivel/flip screen, HiLO Lens extends your iPhone camera or iPad camera in a similar way. HiLO Lens is the first right angle lens for the iPhone4/4S/5 & iPad3. With this simple device you'll create more memorable photos. HiLO Lens is full of custom designed optics, made with three lenses and a prism. The optics keep HiLO Lens tiny and capture the full field of view (FOV) of the iPhone camera.

The optics in HiLO Lens are more sophisticated than any other lens available for the iPhone. Optics are always a compromise and we want to keep HiLO Lens affordable. To give you an idea, the aluminium container housing the optics is machined to tolerances of 0.01mm - that's 1/10th the thickness of a strand of hair!

There will also be a free app to accompany the lens should it make it into production. The app will correct any mirroring which may occur which is caused by the prism and also improves the image quality too. If you like the look of the HiLO lens and would like to back the project, you can do so from $60. It only has 9 days left to run and is currently just under its target for funding of $27,500.

Could you see a good usage case for this type of lens for your iPhone or iPad?

Source: Kickstarter