Oggl, Hipstamatic's new photo sharing service for the iPhone, has been updated in the App Store removing the requirement for an invite code. New users can now download the app and signup and join the new community that Hipstamatic bills as "A community of creative people capturing & curating their Lives through photography."

Soon after Oggl went live —and we received our invite code—we took the new service for a spin and on the whole were pretty impressed. The app itself is really well done, if slightly confusing to get a handle on straight away. Opening up to a wider audience now hopefully means the community will grow and we'll get a real indication of how well it may do. The app is free to download, but a subscription of $2.99 quarterly and $9.99 yearly is necessary to get the absolute best out of Oggl.

So, first time Oggl users, give us your thoughts on the service! How are you finding it compared to the likes of Instagram, or even Flickr?

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