The Hit List for the Apple Watch keeps your focus on today

The Hit List for iPhone 2.3 has arrived with support for the Apple Watch. The watch app puts a focus on quick, relevant interactions to get you in and out. To that end, The Hit List only shows you your Today list on the Apple Watch.

Tapping a task will show you buttons to quickly complete an item or push it until tomorrow, while selecting the three dots will give you more details. In that detailed task view, a Force Touch allow you to mark it as complete or cancelled, or push it until tomorrow. The watch will still use your priority colors to highlight important tasks, and you can even view and complete your subtasks as well.

The app's glance gives you a quick look at what you've done today, and what you have left to do. Much like the Apple Watch's Activity app, The Hit List Glance shows you rings to mark your progress. The inner red ring represents the tasks you have left, while the light outer ring is the items you've completed. As you finish tasks, the outer ring will fill out, while the inner ring will disappear.

On the iPhone, The Hit List has picked up new capabilities as well. You can now use 1Password to login to your sync account. The app has also added a Notification Center widget to let you view and complete your tasks without opening the app.

You can grab The Hit List 2.3 from the App Store right now.

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