Holiday app section shows up on Apple TV, turns out to be lump of coal

A new content section called “Holiday” appeared on the Apple TV late last night, and in addition to being a collection of holiday movies, users were also presented with banners for various holiday apps. The section, shown here in a photo from Mac OS Ken, was inactive, and nothing happened when you attempted to delve further into the menu, and no apps are for sale:

Just as Blair said in his email, there is nothing for sale when one clicks on one of these tiles, nor is there even anything displayed (and inexplicably nothing under the tile for "A Celtic Christmas" either). And yet it sure seems as if Apple has plans for apps for Apple TV very soon. How popular will "Holiday Cooking Apps" be 16 days from now?

The section is now gone, and was most likely placed on the Apple TV in error, meant to be served to the iTunes Store on the iPad or desktop. Apple is probably exploring apps for the Apple TV, and indeed they have placed apps on the device before, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, and an iTunes Festival app. But there are issues to solve when it comes to getting full-fledged apps on to the Apple TV. We might seem them someday, maybe even someday soon, but right now, this seems to be much more smoke than fire.

Source: Mac OS Ken