Market share is pretty badly reported. It's a difficult metric to understand, and an even more difficult one to put into context. Yet sensationalistic Apple-is-doomed "markset share" headlines get foisted on us all year long, but for the brief respite during holiday shopping seasons where just as sensationalistic Apple-is-king "usage share" numbers allow for a brief palette cleanser. The truth remains the same - very few people can tell you what all these numbers really mean, and even fewer can tell you why the really matter to the industry, to apple, to developers, or to us, the consumers. All that aside, it looks like Apple iOS devices get used a crapton around the holiday shopping season. How far you choose to extrapolate that in terms of customer profile or device segmentation is up to you, but here are a couple of reports:

And here's a podcast I did with Ben Bajarin of Techpinions where he explains how industry analysts look at share segmentation in a rapidly maturing mobile market.

My take is Apple is doing just fine, all year long, reaching the customers they want to reach, and anyone interested in reaching those customers - which look like pretty damn good customers - are also doing just fine reaching them via Apple's ecosystem.