Someone pick up my jaw, I'm stunned. In a totally unexpected move Steve Jobs posted a personal letter to customers delivering a peace offering to angry iPhone users upset over yesterdays dramatic price cut. Jobs goes on to reiterate his stance that price cuts come with the territory of being an ealry adopter, but also concedes that we are the pioneers that propelled iPhone on the road to success.

In short he's rewarding our loyalty by offering a $100 coupon good towards the purchase of any new Apple product, redeemable at any Apple Store, for iPhone users not covered under a 14-day rebate, regardless of whether their iPhone was purchased at an AT&T or Apple Store. You can read Steve's open letter here. A method for claiming your coupon will be available on Apple's website next week.

That my friends is class. As the saying goes...always dance with the one that brung you, and he did. Way to go Steve.