Home, an iPhone and iPad for managing your HomeKit-connected devices, has been updated to version 1.3. You'll find a number of enhancements throughout the app, including to the Apple Watch app.

The biggest addition to Home 1.3 is the ability to mark scenes as favorites. This allows you to not only interact with specific accessories on your Apple Watch, but also scenes as well. Additionally, the Today widget for Home has been broken in two, one for your favorite accessories, and one for favorite scenes.

This update also features a number of enhancements and bug fixes, which you'll find below:


  • Show service name for accessory which makes it easier to distinguish Philips Hue lights
  • Deletion of home now requires a confirmation
  • Accessories can be removed from rooms
  • Last fire date of event trigger is shown similar to time trigger
  • Remove event trigger condition for a specific time, which does not work because of a HomeKit bug


  • Fixes crash when re-assigning accessory to the same room
  • Fixes bug where no thermostat icon is shown for temperature sensor in Today view
  • Fix bug where jumping to a specific characteristic (from the Today widget or scene) ended in the wrong accessory when there are multiple accessories with the same name
  • Hopefully fixes crash when sending support email

You can find Home 1.3 on the App Store now.

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