We'll keep this one short but sweet -- Does the Home screen need updating in iOS 6? Rene laid out a lot of the pros and cons in his iOS 6 Home screen article a couple of days ago, and we discussed it in depth on the iPhone & iPad Live podcast last night. Hundreds of millions of users already know how to use the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Home screen, and that's a huge barrier to change. Maybe not to geeks, but certainly to mainstream users.

It has the fast app switcher, it has folders, it has notification center, it has Siri, but at its core it's still an app switcher, same as it's been since 2007 and the same as my Handspring was over a decade ago. It's a classic, but as much as everyone loves the classics, sometimes we want something new.

So what shall it be, iMore nation? Does the Home screen need a complete redesign to compete with the likes of Windows Phone, webOS, and BlackBerry 10? Does it simply need some widgets to keep pace with Android? Or does it really need nothing at all? Vote in the poll up top and let us know your more detailed thoughts in our iOS 6 Forum!

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