HomeKit gets a big introduction at WWDC

Apple introduced HomeKit at WWDC to allow your iPhone and iPad to control your connected home. The current state of connected homes today is that each component requires a separate app and not everything is integrated to make it simple and easy. With HomeKit, Apple is hoping to change that as it is partnering with leading vendors of home automation equipment including Schlage, Honeywell, Kwikset, iDevices, and others.

Essentially, HomeKit creates a unified interface where you can control all aspects of your home. Rather than have a separate app to control your lighting and another one to control your garage door, now all aspects of your home can connect to your iPhone through a secure interface.

Apple is partnering with multiple vendors to get started; HomeKit works on a common connection protocol.

Apple says that pairing is secured and users can control individual items or create group items to control. For example, you can create a group trigger so that when the garage door opens, the lights automatically turn on and the thermostat kicks in.

Moreover, HomeKit can also be controlled with your voice thanks to Siri integration. By saying "get ready for bed," your iPhone can send the signal to shut down the house by turning off the lights, ensuring that the locks are set, and arming the home.

HomeKit works on a common network protocol to ensure smooth interoperability.