Horizon 3

Completely rebuilt from the ground up, Applause Code have created something special for those seeking a productivity solution to help manage their daily lives. Horizon (see our review of a previous version) is much more than a calendar app. Need to head out somewhere? Check the weather first to see if you'll be hit by a thunderstorm.

Horizon 3 not only includes natural language event creation, but the app also comes with its own Smart Search system that enables you to search through appointments for open times when you're freely available. As touched on already, there are full weather forecasts included, and Horizon supports both iCloud and CalDAV calendar formats.

Horizon can be downloaded for free (with advertisements), but should you opt to upgrade to the pro version, you'll be able to enjoy the following features:

  • Weather Notifications: Get notifications of bad weather before your event. Horizon keeps an eye on the weather for you.
  • Dark mode for stealth.
  • Driving time, never get caught off guard.
  • No ads.

Horizon 3 is available for download, so hit the link below and begin managing your schedule in style.

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