The hottest ticket in town: Mac Pro delivery estimates slip to March

If you've been waiting to get a Mac Pro until stock is plentiful, it looks like you're going to be waiting a bit longer: Shipping estimates on the new Mac Pro through Apple's international online stores have slipped from February to March, according to MacRumors.

The Mac Pro was previewed in June of last year at WWDC, but Apple didn't start taking orders for the new system until December. Mac Pros finally went out for delivery just as the year ended. Apple exited 2013 with orders for the Mac Pro backlogged to February.

The current situation reflects a backlog of about six weeks, according to the report - a figure that hasn't changed much since December, indicating that Apple's keeping pace with orders but isn't really making up ground. Which shows that Apple's fielding a pretty steady stream of orders for the Mac Pro - a good sign for the new machine.

Source: MacRumors