How Apple Music Connect frustrates artists and listeners

While Apple may have had higher aspirations for Connect, its social network that launched with Apple Music, what exists eight months after its launch seems to be frustrating for both artists and Apple Music subscribers. In a post over at Better Elevation, Airplane Mode's Dave Wiskus outlines the failures of Connect, including issues with embedding tracks, engaging with fans, and even something as seemingly simple as changing your band's avatar.

From Better Elevation:

It's also not a very good broadcast medium. Sure, I can post to Connect and share out to Twitter and whatnot, but why? There's nothing unique or powerful about Apple's system that makes it a good hub. Because I have no idea how many followers we have, I can't even make a numerical argument for Connect-first posting. And since we can't even invite people from other places to follow us on Connect, there's no incentive to try.

As a fan, it's a confusing mess. As an artist, it's a black hole. All media, no social.

Despite these issues, Wiskus is still holding out some hope for Connect. Where sharing mechanisms through other platforms, like Spotify or SoundCloud, can offer incomplete tools for sharing music and engaging with an audience, Wiskus thinks that Apple has an opportunity to unify the experience into a better platform for both artists and fans.