Now you can track Burns' progress on Apple's website as she uses the Apple Watch to train for her next adventure, the Virgin Money London Marathon.

As noted in the video above, Burns has already used the Apple Watch in one marathon, and she says she's enjoyed the experience so far:

So far, it's been a lot of fun. The watch is a great running tool. That first day in Tanzania, I needed to run 3 miles, but of course I didn't know the route. (Back in New York, I have all my favorites memorized.) So I set a distance goal in the Workout app. At the halfway mark, the watch tapped me on the wrist and I knew when to turn around and come back. During the race, it was great to be able to see distance, pace, and elapsed time all at once.

Burns, who is also the founder of Every Child Counts, a nonprofit that seeks to make pregnancy and childbirth safer for women around the world, will post to the training log on a weekly basis with updates about her training and how the Apple Watch has helped her along the way. For more on Burns and her journey, you can keep an eye on the page at the source link below for weekly updates on her progress.

Source: Apple