How are you liking iOS 7? [Poll]

iOS 7 has been out for a few days now - read our complete iOS 7 review and, as always, reaction has been not only off the charts, but all over the map. Cliché collisions notwithstanding, for many people it's been the cleaner, more grown up iOS refresh they've been waiting for. For others, it's been an unwelcome and disturbing change from what they were used to. There have been bugs too, as there always are in new software releases, but plenty of bug fixes as well. Also, while new devices like iPhone 5s/5c/5 and iPad 4 positively fly, older devices like iPhone 4 and iPad 3 - Retina taxed as they are - tend to chug more.

It's early days, to be sure. Apple will continue to improve it. iOS 7.0.1 is already out for the iPhone 5s and iOS 7.1 is already in the works. We'll also get better used to it over time, as new muscle memory and habits replace old.

There are a lot of people, celebrities, mainstream media, and tech link-baiters alike writing a lot of terribly uninformed, downright shameful stuff about iOS 7 in order to grab a little extra attention and prey on everyone's change aversion and fears. But there are also many legitimate concerns about design and implementation, about bugs and problem features. We expressed a lot of them ourselves, in our iOS 7 review, in our iOS 7 podcast, and in our Mobile Nations and iMore iOS 7 roundtable.

But we're only a few. You are legion. So we want to know what you think. Past adulation, beyond condemnation, how has iOS 7 been working for you so far? Vote in the poll up top and give me your detailed thoughts in the comments below!