Generally speaking, the size of smartphones is still increasing, so how big would your perfect iPhone be? We're talking hardware today on Talk Mobile, and one of the most noticeable parts of the spec race is display size. Until the iPhone 5 came along, we had just one choice, the 3.5-inch display, on whichever variant of the iPhone we decided to use. The iPhone 5 changed all that, and for the first time the display size increased. But, it only increased as far as 4-inches, and at launch competing smartphones were hitting the market with 4.7-inch and above displays.

By contrast, Samsung has just launched the Galaxy S4 Mini, with a 4.3-inch display. A larger display than the iPhone 5, yet is marketed as a mini phone. At the extreme opposite end of the scale, Sony has just announced the Xperia Z Ultra, a whopping 6.4-inch device that is still technically a smartphone. Tim Cook said back in April that Apple would not make a larger screen iPhone while trade-offs still exist, but hasn't explicitly ruled it out for the future. So, how big would you want it to go? Drop your vote in the poll up top, but be sure to tell us why you chose that way. Personally, 4.3-inches would be the sweet spot, but what would you like? A little larger? A lot larger? Sound off in the comments below!