About a week ago Mat Honan shared how is digital life was annihilated thanks to a hacker, and the lackadaisical security policies of Apple and Amazon. Now, Honan has shared how he restored his Dropbox account and security information stored in 1Password, reclaimed his Twitter and Google accounts, and most importantly reclaimed the priceless family photos he had stored on his laptop hard drive and never backed up. The details of how Honan got his digital life back are all up on Wired.com, and include:

Five hours after the hack started, still locked out of everything, I flipped open the lid of [my wife's] computer, and nervously powered it up. And there it was: my Dropbox. And in it, my 1Password keychain, the gateway to my digital life.

SSD recovery wasn't so easy. It involved sending the hardware to DriveSavers:

The bottom line is that I have all my photos and all the home movies I’ve shot. Every one of them. And seemingly all of my most important documents as well. That felt like a miracle. The bill for all this? $1,690. Data doesn’t come cheap.

Honan is back up and running now, and is setting up more secure, better backed up policies for himself and his data. He hasn't gotten any satisfactory explanations yet from Apple, and is justifiable nervous about the elements of his security and data that are out of his hands.

I've already switched on two-factor verification for Google, and changed a lot of my passwords to newer, gnarlier 1Password generated pseudo-random blobs. Check out the complete story via the link below and let me know -- has what happened to Honan caused you to change you security at all?

Source: Wired.com: