Apple has just today announced 1 billion podcast subscriptions in iTunes alone, so what better opportunity to ask how you do podcasts on your iOS device? Though Apple didn't come up with the idea of a podcast themselves, the use of the word 'pod' in the term meant that it quickly became synonymous with iTunes and the iPod. As the years passed and we found ourselves in the age of iOS and the App Store, there's now a number of different ways to get our podcast fix on the go.

My choice? I use the Apple Podcasts app, purely because of the iCloud sync. It keeps things in check across my iPhone and iPad, and has a simple method of searching and subscribing to new podcasts. But, it has its faults, and we're fortunate that the App Store offers a pretty stellar choice of alternatives. So, what's you favorite? We've highlighted a few of the more popular choices up top, but we can't capture them all, so be sure to drop a line in the comments below telling us what you like the most and why!