February is Fitness Month at iMore and Mobile Nations, and while we're doing a bunch of reviews, and running a ton of contests, I'm curious what you do to get moving and stay in shape? I've always done martial arts, most recently Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Since your body gets used to the same thing after a while, this month I started mixing it up with some stand-up again, mainly Muay Thai.

I'm not a sports fan, so I'm not into playing ball, and while I do body weight training and physio, I don't like weight training much. BJJ and Muay Thai are more like moving chess, and the closest thing to a real life video game I've ever done. Also, the movement is practical, which just seems like a good idea to me.

While I've integrated the iPhone and iPad into my exercises, I haven't found a good way to integrated it into grappling or kick boxing yet, mainly because I can't have it with me, safely, while doing either. I have used it to keep track of rounds, and watch instructionals and fight clips. Mostly, however, they sit in my locker and wait until I'm done.

The video above is an extract from a promotional video we shot last year. It's pretty much what I've been doing 2 or 3 days a week for the last while. (When I'm not doing this!) And yeah, that's Georgia wreaking havoc in the video as well, just like she did in the Otterbox vs. Golla death match a couple years back. She got her husband, me, and several of our friends started, as she is wont to do.

So, what do you do? What are your favorite activities? How do you get your move on? (And don't forget, if you tell us how you use your iPhone or iPad while exercising, you could win a $100 iTunes gift card!)

triangle choke