How to download tvOS 9.1 on your Apple TV

Yes, you read that right: tvOS is already on version 9.1. That's because, while watchOS and tvOS are both based on iOS, Apple started again at 1.0 with watchOS but kept going from 9.0 with tvOS. Why? Because reasons. All you have to know, though, is that the latest version is here for you to download and install!

How to install tvOS 9.1 using Software Update on your Apple TV

Your Apple TV should prompt you to let you know when an update is available, and you can simply click through and do it. It may not prompt you immediately, however, or you may choose to do the update later when the timing suits you better. Either way, you can instigate an Apple TV update manually whenever you want to, and with just a few clicks.

  1. Click on the Settings app from your Apple TV Home screen.
  2. Click on System.
  3. Click on Software Update.

  4. Click on Update Software.
  5. Click on Download and Install.

  6. Click on Update Now.
  7. Wait for your Apple TV to finish the update.

Once the update is done, and the Apple TV has rebooted, you'll be back up and running the new version of tvOS.

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