How to follow the 2012 Presidential Debate on your iPhone and iPad

The 2012 Presidential Debate is about to begin and you may be looking for ways to follow along with your iPhone or iPad. Whether you're on the go, don't have access to the television networks broadcasting the event, or simply enjoying using your iPhone and iPad, iMore is here to present you with options for watching or listening to this year's Presidential Debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.


ABC News will be streaming the debate live on YouTube. You can either use the new YouTube app on your iPhone, or visit YouTube with Safari. The YouTube app is not yet optimized for the iPhone 5 or iPad, so if you're on one of these devices, you'll definitely want to use Safari.


On Ustream, PBS will be providing their own live stream of the Presidential Debate on the PBS NewsHour Stream that you can watch on your iPhone or iPad with the free Ustream iPhone and iPad app. On your iPad, you can also choose to watch the live stream in Safari on Ustream's website -- Ustream's website does not fully support the iPhone, though. This is unfortunate, because just like YouTube, the Ustream app does not support the iPhone 5, yet. So if you're using an iPhone 5, I do not recommend watching the Presidential Debate on Ustream.


Not as interested in watching the Presidential debate as you are hearing it? NPR News will be streaming the audio of the debate to local NPR stations as well as their iPhone and iPad apps. NPR will also include commentary and chat during the debate on their website.

Watching the debate now? Feel free to leave your personal commentary about it in the comments below!

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