iPhone 6

It's finally here, iPhone 6 event day is with us. It's one of the biggest days in all of the tech world and there are millions and millions of eager iPhone fans around the world waiting oh so (im)patiently for Apple to kick things off in Cupertino. iMore will be there with Rene Ritchie live on location at the Flint Center, but for the rest of us there are thankfully a bunch of ways to follow the action live!

The first – and frankly best, we think – way is to join us in our iPhone 6 event liveblog. Bookmark the link below and come join us chatting away with other iPhone fans as the news rolls in. The event starts at 10 a.m. PDT but we'll be opening things up a little before then so be sure to drop by.

Apple will also be broadcasting the event live online and on the Apple TV. Besides watching on your television, you can also watch the event using Safari on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, be sure to check the link below for the full compatibility listing.

There's going to be a ton of information coming out of the event thick and fast so the iMore homepage is going to getting really busy! To help keep track of it all be sure to keep an eye on both the social media feeds and our dedicated iPhone 6 event portal at the links below.

It's going to one heck of a day and we're thrilled to be bringing you with us!

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