Sim City finally made its long awaited debut on the Mac yesterday, and we all hoped that things would turn out a lot smoother than when our Windows counterparts started trying to play. Sadly, it seems that may not be the case, as several reports have been flying around the Internet suggesting that it may have been as much of a mess as the ill-fated Windows launch. From BBC News:

"Owners of Apple computers are reporting big problems with the Mac version of SimCity. Many who bought the game, released on 29 August, said it did not work correctly on either old or new Macs."

The EA forums were seeing big traffic from rightly disgruntled Mac gamers, and publishers Maxis issued the following statement to TUAW:

"There are a small number of players who have encountered issues with SimCity for Mac. Our live team is working individually with our players to resolve their issues and get them into the game as quickly as possible."

Seems like more than a small number, though we wouldn't expect a publisher of a major title such as this to come out and say anything otherwise. The Windows launch was pretty horrible, and sadly it seems the Mac release has followed suit. It's disappointing to say the least, especially when we're talking major game developers and publishers here, not some small-time indie release. Compared to the number of Windows gamers, those wanting to play on Mac would be relatively small, so somewhere there are some deep-seeded issues that need to be resolved.

If you've taken the plunge on Sim City for Mac, drop us a line in the comments with your own experience. Good, bad, indifferent, we'd love to hear how it's gone for you.

Update: According to a statement from EA, the installation issues faced have now been resolved:

"SimCity Mac installation issues have been fixed. My apologies to those who had trouble installing. Let us know how you like the game!"

All good for everyone now?

Source: BBC News, TUAW, EA