How to integrate ADN private messages with Mac Messages with Project Amy

If you're a fan of's messaging service, there's a nifty little plugin by developer Steve Streza, called Project Amy, that lets you integrate your ADN account directly into Apple's Messages app under OS X Mountain Lion. Project Amy is pretty straight forward, and will allow you to send and receive private messages just like you would on ADN straight through Messages.

How to integrate ADN messaging with Mac Messages using Project Amy

  1. Download the Project Amy package to your Mac. Download Now
  2. Run the package that you downloaded in step 2 in order to install it. Make sure the Messages app is completely closed out or you will be prompted to close it.
  3. Now open Messages on your Mac and go to Preferences.
  4. Under the Accounts tab you'll now see a new option for when adding a new account. Go ahead and enter your information and add it.
  5. Now when you compose a message, you'll see a user's information if they have the service. Just compose messages how you normally would but select their ADN handle instead of their email or phone number.
  6. The recipient will get them as private messages through ADN.

That's it! When you get it set up, let me know how it works for you!