How the iPad Air 2 became Federico Viticci's main computer

We recently did our iPad Air 2: three months later roundtable, chatting about why and what we liked about Apple's latest tablet. Federico Viticci has done his own three-month iPad Air review for MacStories, aptly titled "Why the iPad Became My Main Computer":

There's a big difference between reflecting upon the future of the iPad and claiming that nobody knows what it's good for anymore. This is a common mistake that is often repeated in tech publications: because the iPad can't perform all the tasks a Mac can handle without breaking a sweat, then it automatically loses its reason to exist. Realistically speaking, the iPad has flaws, there's plenty of new low-hanging fruit in iOS, but it's being used in ways that no other computer or smartphone has ever been.

... The iPad Air 2 has allowed me to eschew the physical constraints of a computer that isn't as portable as I'd need it to be. My type of work allows me to do most of my computing on an iPad, and, while I realize that it's not for everyone, the iPad is the computer for me, and I expect the apps and workflows that are still Mac-only to fade over time and transform into new iOS experiences, just as they've done over the last three years. The software innovation that is taking place on iOS and the App Store is unparalleled, and I have personally witnessed how iOS has evolved and changed my work routine since 2012.

While I still personally prefer working on my 11-inch MacBook Air to my iPad Air 2, I nonetheless find Viticci's case compelling. It's not the perfect device for everyone yet. It may never be. But that's okay: That's why there are Macs, and iPhones, and Apple TVs, and PCs.

You have to find the right device for your life; for Viticci, that device happens to be the iPad Air 2. For more on why, read his complete review on MacStories.