In 2011 Federico Viticci was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma (Stage IV). He beat the cancer, all the while continuing to edit and write for his phenomenal website,, but it took a profound toll on his life and his health. Now Ticci wants to live not only well but better, and he's using his iPhone to help him do it. From MacStories:

Tracking my life with my iPhone makes my commitment real and the effects directly measurable. Being able to open an app and be coached through workout sessions or use my phone to track steps and runs is empowering. iPhone software has enriched my lifestyle and it has allowed me to be more conscious in my daily choices.

[...] It's strange to think that three years ago I was stuck in a hospital bed and now part of my plan is to track the food I eat with an app. But such is life and I immensely appreciate the fact that I'm having fun getting back in shape and doing what I haven't done in a long time. I find it profound that we can improve our lives using technology, and, no matter how much time I'll end up having, I'll try to make my journey about enjoying life.

I'm only part of the way through it — I paused to link it here — but it's already beyond insightful and inspirational. It's incredibly personal. And it's not just the story of a life, but a story about making the most of life.

Go read it, bookmark it, or save it to InstaPocketList now.