iPhone line in London

In Europe – and anywhere further east – lucky iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus buyers are already walking away from the stores with shiny new devices in hand. I picked mine up from London's Covent Garden store this morning where it's fair to say things were pretty busy. Or another way to put it would be a serious case of organized chaos.

Despite the pre-orders, despite the reservations for in-store pickup, the pictures up top and below depict the scenes outside the store this morning when I arrived an hour after opening. By contrast, the reservation pickup line was about 12 deep. There's a lot of people out there today and it's likely that scenes over at the UK flagship store on Regent Street were equally manic, probably even worse. For those who've been camping out there were even ladies handing out samples of aftershave and perfume. Chance to freshen up a little before going inside!

So, that's how London does an iPhone launch this year. I've never been happier for an in-store reservation. If you're in a particularly big line up, be sure to jump into the forums and share it with the rest of us!