It's been a month since the iPhone 3G launched, and unlike the US and a few other countries, not every country -- or every user -- got unlimited data with their shiny new wonder toy. Some, like Canada and Sweden gave eleventh hour reprieves, but others remain bass akwards and incredibly stingy/gouging with their data rates to this day.

But regardless of your cap (or even if you have no cap), how much data are you using?

We already told you how to find your iPhone's usage meter (even if Auntie TUAW rightly points out that it's rough at best), and you can presumably check your bill for more exact numbers.

Me? Turns out VERY little. I've even turned off WiFi (which I have pretty much everywhere from home to work to friends' houses) for long stretches, and I've still only managed to pull about 150MB, far short of the 6GB I really want to hit Rogers with. Then again, I haven't watched almost any YouTube via 3G, or slammed on the streaming internet radio, so I guess I only really have myself to blame...

How about you? What's your usage number? Is it more or less than you expected? And if you're in one of the "countries of dread", how worried are you about overage charges on that first bill?