The company's new News app may not be coming until later this year, but if you'd prefer that Apple not scrape your RSS feed into its "stunning content" reader, it's actually a simple process.

Apple has an entire section dedicated on its developer website to publishing with News, and at the bottom of that site, there's a place to opt your website's RSS feeds out of the News app.

Here's a direct link to the News opt-out screen. You'll need to fill in the following:

  • phone number
  • publisher name
  • site name
  • site url
  • RSS feed url

After you do so, Apple will confirm that you're the owner of the site in question, and de-list your information from the upcoming News app.

We'll have a lot more on News — as well as how smaller sites can set it up and even make money from it — later this week, so stick around.

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WWDC 2015