Dot Mac on iPhone?

Apple's brand new MobileMe News (formerly MobileMe Updates) is back with their second post this week (and luckily for links, finally sporting unique URLs to boot!). The subject of their latest post? How previous .Mac users can keep using their addresses on the iPhone post-MobileMe transition:

If you want to use your address instead of for the MobileMe address on your iPhone or iPod touch, you can simply remove the account (if you've already created one) and then add a new MobileMe account entering for the email address. Any contacts, calendars, and bookmarks you are syncing will re-appear on your phone. It can take several seconds to minutes to update your phone depending on how much data you have and your network connection speed. If possible, it is best to do this when you are on a wi-fi connection for the fastest response.

Easy enough? Well, there is one small little restriction: the above only works if you originally had an address prior to July 9, 2008. After the MobileMe transition, no new addresses were generated, leaving those new to the... er... new service with as the only option.

Personally, I'm not sure what to do with my account yet. seems a little too precious for everyday use, while hits too many fanboy cords for comfort. Can we get custom domains for email as well as websites? What's your preference?