Watch NFL 2016 on iPhone or iPad

NFL season is upon us, and we want to make sure you're fully set to not miss a second of the action. We're going to run down how you can watch games live from your iPhone or iPad, and keep up to date on the latest developments between games.

First off, you'll need to look into what your current cable provider offers, and what you already have access to. Pretty much everybody gets local games for free.

If you want absolutely everything, you'll want to look into DirecTV. They have every game available through TV and their mobile app with their $60 Choice plan and up. For the cord-cutters out there, DirecTV has a number of streaming-only options available as well, starting at $50/month. This opens up your iPad, iPhone, Xbox, and Chromecast to NFL games.

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Anyone else going the streaming option may want to check out NFL's own GamePass. This offers streaming broadcasts for iPhone, iPad, Xbox, and Mac an hour after the game's done. You get access to full archives of previous games and additional camera angles. Those plans start $329.99 for the season. If you happen to be a Verizon Wireless subscriber, you get to enjoy local primetime games on your phone for free.

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NFL RedZone is a channel included in the aforementioned channels and many other services. Its main selling point is that it shows the touchdown of every game live. Dish, Cox, Xfinity, and Optimum are just some of the providers that have RedZone, but check with yours and see if its already there. It's a good option for those just looking to catch up on the highlights.

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If those aren't options for you, check your cable provider's dedicated apps. Cablevision, Comcast, and Verizon FIOS all offer streaming NFL games to your mobile device with an active subscription. If your provider offers NFL games, but doesn't have an app, you can always get a SlingBox. This will let you shunt live broadcasts from your TV to your phone or tablet.

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That's about all there is to watching football games on your iPhone and iPad in the NFL 2016 season. You may bump into occasional broadcast blackouts, but on the whole using any of these options will ensure you never miss a millisecond of the action.