How will the Apple Watch do on the market?

Will the Apple Watch sell more and faster than the Apple TV? Than the iPad? While financial analysts and tech pundits everywhere race to make headlines with their — what's the word for "prediction" when it's pulled from nowhere? — there's a lot of interesting things to consider. Only people with iPhones will be able to use the watch initially, but those with iPhones could get considerable value from it. What does that mean? Jim Dalrymple, writing long-form on the The Loop:

The truth of the matter is, nobody knows if the Apple Watch will be a huge success, a moderate blip on the consumer's radar or a dismal failure. What we do have, is history of what's happened with Apple's major product releases, and a reasonable understanding of how consumers feel about the company. With this information, we can make some logical assumptions about how the Apple Watch will do in the market.

Jim goes on to list a lot of challenges the Apple Watch will face, but also a lot of the potential it will enjoy. I've already said Apple Watch had me at convenience, but Jim is putting a lot on future support, both from developers and Apple as well.

Having spent a little bit of time with the Apple Watch, and seen a little of where it's heading, I do think many people are underestimating it. Which, of course, is nothing new for Apple.