Photos was one of the apps that not only drove people to buy the original iPhone, but helped them show off why they bought it. Yes, Mike Matas and team had us at pinch-to-zoom. Over the years, Apple introduced video, integrated with additional services like Flickr, and added basic editing tools and filters. The biggest improvements, however, came with iOS 7 — and a whole new Photos app. It offered all an all-new organizational model, based on Years, Collections, and Moments, much better, non-destructive editing tools, and integration with iCloud Photo Library, which promised better storage and sync for all photos and videos. In other words, along with Photos for Mac, Apple has made it a core part of their operating systems.

But that was then and this is now. So, what would you like to see Apple do with Photos next?

  • Add automatic animated GIF creation from burst photos.
  • Integrate Faces detection and organization.
  • Bring over smart folders.
  • Show histogram.
  • Add sharpness, blur, white balance, noise reduction, levels, vignette, and tilt shift.
  • Copy edits from one photo and apply to another.
  • From the Share sheet, add photos to a specific album.
  • Add retouching feature.
  • Automatically group screenshots into an Screenshot Album.
  • Allow text to be added to photos, because memes.
  • Enable Touch ID or Passcode for private photos album.
  • Less expensive iCloud Photo Library storage tiers.

If Apple asked you what you wanted in Photos for iOS 9, what would you tell them?