How would you change about iTunes?

iTunes has an impossible job. What started as a music player has grown into stores for entertainment and apps, into a sync solution for iPods, iPhones, and iPads, and now into full blown subscription streaming service as well. That means iTunes has to handle everything media and device management not only on the Mac but ported to Windows as well. Given all of that, what could Apple do to make it better for you?

Saying "simplify!" is easy, but no one wants to give up the features they use and love best, and a lot of people use a lot of different features. Saying "break it up!" is also easy, but how do you do that without introducing whole new levels of duplication, complexity, and inconvenience?

If you make multiple apps on the Mac, what do you do for Windows? If you move to the cloud, how do you keep local sync? If things are glitchy now, how to prevent an even more distributed future from being even more glitchy?

Nothing stays the same forever. At some point the iTunes Store and backend will be off WebObjects and flying high on a modern web platform. iPod sync and Windows support will be distant memories. Our content will live in the cloud and our features will be decoupled from apps so playback, management, sync, and other extensions which just be there when and where we want them and be invisible when we don't. Everything truly will be easier and better. Is that a year from now? Two years? Five? Ten? An infinite timeline?

In the meantime, what are the most important features of iTunes for you, what could safely be gotten rid of, and how would you like to see it all improved?

In other words, if it was up to you—how would you change iTunes?