How would you change Photos for OS X?

That meant an end to Apple's traditional photography tools, iPhoto and Aperture, but in their place Photos for OX offers seamless integration with Photos for iOS. That includes sync for both content and edits via iCloud Photo Library. With optimized storage, only your most frequent, favorite, and recent images and videos take up space on your Mac's drive while the rest are stores a click-and-download away on Apple's servers. Yet, as much as Photos for OS X may have replaced iPhoto, it's left some Aperture users looking for more. So, what would you change?

  • Support for external editors.
  • Multiple library import and merge.
  • Post-import de-duplication.
  • Brush tools (Dodge, burn, blur, sharpen, etc.).
  • Photo extensions (like iOS).
  • Aperture-style Loupe.
  • Sync Faces/Smart albums.
  • Star or up/down ratings.
  • Add/edit geolocation data.
  • Family sharing.

Photos for OS X is a reboot, something born of the iCloud age, but it's also a version 1.0. Apple is already working on OS X 10.11 and presumably Photos for Mac version 2.0. If Apple asked you, what would you want to see in it?

Photos for Mac