Tweet from Siri_Stock mentioning possible iTunes deal

There's a crazy rumor floating around the web that Howard Stern, a popular radio personality who's been in the business for 35 years, will be leaving Sirius Satellite Radio after his contract ends in January to pursue a possible deal with Apple. The rumored deal calls for a $600 million 3-year contract for an internet broadcast show distributed through iTunes, and could be made available to Apple TV owners as well.

We'd take this with a king of all media sized grain of salt, however, as @SIRI_STOCK isn't the official Twitter account for Sirius. In addition, $600 million for 3 years seems a bit over the top. Then again, anything related to Stern is usually considered to be somewhat controversial, so your guess is as good as ours.

I know I'd be interested if this turned out to be true. Any of our readers feel the same? Sound off in the comments below!

UPDATE: It appears to be a hoax. Softsquach blogged about how they used the twitter account to mess with the community a bit.

I posted the below tweet on a friend's Sirius Satellite News Twitter account earlier today [...] Don’t believe everything you read people!

Although it's just wishful thinking at this point, it would have been interesting to see how something like this would have played out. Move along, folks!