Pre-iPhone 2.0 (remember those days), we managed to snag an early leak of the iPhone 2.0 firmware and install it on our original iPhone. We found it to be buggy, but chalked that up to the distinct possibility that the firmware wasn't technically designed for the iPhone 2G. Now that we all have official 2.0 ROMs, is the picture any better? TUAW and Engadget Mobile and Ars aren't so sure -- and to be frank neither are we. Take a perusal through our iPhone 3G forums and you'll find all sorts of examples of bugs and hassles. Heck, it even has our Twitter followers (find us on Twitter, here) checking out the competition!

I myself have noticed significant instability in the few minutes immediately following either installing or deleting an App from the on-board App Store. I'm also still pretty darn unhappy with the various lags and slowdowns in certain apps -- the most egregious of which is Contact/Phone. I timed myself trying to make a call to somebody not on my favorites list yesterday. Out of 900 contacts, it took me around 25 seconds to get the call placed. Anything more than, say, 5 is pretty much unacceptable to me.

How about you? How's iPhone 2.0 treating you? Will the 2.1 firmware save us all?