Pebble's 2.0 update and Appstore is currently iOS exclusive – officially – but is it hurting battery life both on the watch and the phone? I updated the minute I saw it live in the App Store and while I'm in love with the added functionality my favorite smartwatch now has, it isn't without cost to how long things stay charged.

We've already started a discussion with Adam Zeis over on Smartwatch Fans, but I wanted to extend it a little further. Some folks running the Android beta of the Pebble 2.0 update are seeing horrible, horrible battery issues – among other things – but we're running an official, consumer release. And experiences are mixed. My own is pretty negative, sadly.

Pre-2.0 my watch would stay charged comfortably between 4 and 5 days. Every single charge. Now, if I get through 2 days I'm happy. I've got one non-standard watch face, and three apps installed, none of which are being used excessively. 80% of my Pebble usage so far has remained the same, and yet the battery life is 50% worse. And that's before considering a hit on my iPhone 5s. I've never really struggled to get through a day with the 5s, and the only new app since Pebble 2.0 launched, well, is Pebble. Now I'm looking for a charger before dinner, and again, my iPhone use hasn't changed at all.

It's not limited to my own experiences either. I've spoken with people who are seeing the same, and obviously anyone trying it out on Android is even worse off right now. So, if you're a Pebble owner running version 2.0, let's hear your experiences with battery life. Good, better, worse? Pebble Steel or OG Pebble? What kind of apps are you running and do you think there's something that can, and needs to be done? Here, or on Smartwatch Fans, let us know!