webOS 2.0 review, Palm Pre 2

HP/Palm have officially announced webOS 2.0 and the Palm Pre 2. Dieter, covering it for our sibling site PreCentral.net, says:

WebOS 2.0 is without question the biggest webOS update we've seen since Palm first unveiled webOS at CES in January 2009. You could argue that the main features -- Stacks, Just Type, Exhibition, improved speed, and a bevy of developer tools are mainly evolutionary and you wouldn't be wrong. However, the sum of these updates adds up to an OS that is coming into its own. Rather than try to play catch-up with Apple's iOS and Google's Android, HP chose to bolster webOS' advantages over those platforms. webOS 2.0 is not a me-too operating system.

Odd, though, that HP/Palm dumped it in a press release, and once again right before an Apple event (though iOS and iPhone shouldn't have much, if any role to play tomorrow). The original Palm Pre and webOS unveiling at CES 2009 deservedly won best of show, and Palm out engineered Google at their own game last year -- creating a web-based, connected, mobile device. HP can solve the money problems, Palm can solve the carrier problems, but now they both have to solve the momentum problem.

Check out Dieter's webOS 2.0 in 10 minutes video, then come back and let us know what you think.