HP/Palm iPad-competitor gets detailed

Dieter's been killing it today over on sibling-site PreCentral.net, digging up tons of details on HP/Palm's upcoming "Topaz" tablet, their big iPad competitor. Not surprisingly it lines up almost identically to the current iPad and rumored iPad 2 specs, including a 9-inch 1024x768 screen, gyroscope,. Given how successful Palm was at attracting developers to the Pre given its iPhone 3GS spec-matching, maintaining the strategy and getting iPad games via PDK is a no brainer.

The hardware is the least interesting part of the leak, however. Of course it will be running webOS, one of the most elegant mobile operating systems on the planet, but as always there some amazing Palm innovation along for the ride:

The Topaz will support Touchstone inductive charging - but obviously it won't work with the current Touchstone. Instead, HP is developing something they were calling "Touchstone v2" that supports additional functionality. That functionality looks to include both Bluetooth for wireless streaming of content and speakers for music.

That last is intriguing. The idea is that you can start watching a movie on the dock, but when you lift the Topaz out of the dock it switches into a wireless remote to control the video that it's wirelessly streaming to the controller for play on your television.

It'll also have Flash, which Apple won't, and it should include some nifty cloud integration into the rest of HP's webOS and Windows-powered ecosystem.

While Apple COO Tim Cook recently took Google's Android tablets to task for bizarre fragmentation, Palm uses the same integrated approach Apple does and that could make for some pretty compelling competition.

Check out the full leaks via the link below and then come back here and tell us what you think. iPad 2 need to worry?