While yesterday's Mobile World Congress news was all about Windows Phone 7 Series (henceforth WinPho7s), the Android invasion has returned with news of the HTC Desire, which looks to be Nexus One-style hardware running a new version of Sense UI.

Android Central has your details and your HTC Desire hands-on.

In terms of competition to the iPhone, it's probably not too different than the Nexus One either. The specs remain over the top but the polish in terms of capacitance sensitivity isn't likely improved. The big question will be whether or not Sense UI on the HTC Desire is more consistent and if multitouch is in the keyboard's future.

There's also a new, uber-version of the Hero called the Legend, so check out details and an HTC Legend hands-on over at Android Central as well.

Overall, the main contrast to Apple's steady, once a year pace with extreme fit and finish is Google/HTC/Android's release fast, fix later, polish never strategy. The sheer amount of "superphone" class devices they're putting out, however, should keep the pressure on Apple as we round the corner towards a 4th generation iPhone.

Also, unlike Apple's one, global iPhone, HTC is -- as is all too often the case -- releasing the Desire and the Legend without any support for US 3G bands. (Yeahbuwhy?)

Check them out and then come back and let us know what you think Apple has to do, if anything, to compete in the newer, hotter 2010!