I love HTC. I had a Dream/G1. I had a Nexus One. I'm dumping my Nexus 4 for an HTC One. I'd love them to be a dominant player in the future of Android, because I think they currently make the best product and would drive the best competition for Apple. However, they're struggling, badly, against Samsung right now, and this ad might, in part, exemplify why.

Say what you want about Samsung but they've successfully attacked Apple's brand perception and marketed their way to the top of the Android food chain. HTC hasn't been able to match their money, and hasn't shown signs of matching their savvy. In this case, they have Robert Downey Jr. - sizzling hot from Iron Man and Avengers - and instead of having him conflate Jarvis-style future tech with HTC One-style current phones - making their stuff look cool and compelling - they go straight for branding (good) but end up without any clear consumer call to action (bad). Not only that, the branding they do get is muddied by the way in which they get it.

Contrast this with Apple's celebrity ads to date, both Mac and iPhone/Siri, and while not their best work by any stretch, they absolutely did link the star power to the product.

Hopefully HTC has Downey Jr. for more than one spot, because right now he's just as wasted on them as Jerry Seinfeld was on Microsoft.

Via: Android Central