HTC to offer free screen replacements for six months, but will that help them against the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5?

The iPhone 6 is coming. The Galaxy S5 is coming even sooner. HTC will be releasing a new flagship phone of their own — currently codenamed M8 — and while they make great devices, they've so far been crushed between the twin juggernauts of Apple and Samsung. So, HTC is trying something different — free screen replacements for 6 months. But can better service help them succeed where devices alone have not? Phil Nickinson, Android Central:

For the screen replacement, you'll have the option of free shipping, with a total turnaround time of eight to 10 days. Or if you simply can't go without a phone, $29 will get you overnight shipping. If the cracked screen is hiding more extensive damage, you'll get a refurbished replacement phone — if your original phone is still under warranty.

It's called HTC Advantage, it's U.S. only at the moment, and it also promises more timely software updates (yeah...). Back to the screen replacements: Since HTC doesn't have the retail footprint of Apple, the part about shipping your phone off for 8-10 days is less than ideal, and even the relatively cheap $29 overnight shipping option would probably drag out to a couple days for there-and-back-again service. But, free or cheap.

AppleCare+ is $99 but covers more than just the screen, and Apple's level of service — and their frequent willingness to go above and beyond — is near legendary.

Check out the HTC Advantage program and let me know — is it enough to make you consider HTC over Apple or Samsung, is it something you think Apple should consider for the iPhone, or is the existing AppleCare+ a better fit for you already?

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