Back in June, Huawei unveiled their latest high-end Android smartphone, the Ascend P6, that immediately struck a familiar design chord. Right from the first teaser images, the comparisons to the iPhone started to fly, mainly due to the metal banding that encases the phone around the edges. Now, since Andrew Martonik over at Android Central has an Ascend P6 in for review, he's gone and taken a closer look, setting it side-by-side with an iPhone 4S:

Particularly, you can see almost exact similarities with the metal banding around the sides, the camera and speaker grille at the top of the phones. The similarities go further with an iPhone 5, which is simply taller and thinner and therefore looks more like a typical 16:9 Android phone to begin with.

I had the pleasure of attending the grand launch of the Ascend P6 in London, and I have to agree with everything he says. The resemblance in those key areas is uncanny, and the image up top is a comparison with my own iPhone 5. Sure, the Ascend P6 is taller, and thinner, but that band around the edge is very familiar looking. Though, don't they always say imitation is the best form of flattery?

Head on over to Android Central to see a full comparison gallery with the iPhone 4S, as well as the extra image below from the launch event. We're not saying Huawei is out and out copying Apple, but there's plenty of similarity, don't you think?

Source: Android Central