Hulu picks up Apple Watch support, lets you control playback on consoles, Chromcast

Hulu has updated their app for iPhone and iPad, adding support for the Apple Watch. Now, while watching a show or movie through your iPhone, users can play, pause, rewind back 10 seconds, and control captions.

But your control is not limited to the iPhone app. Should you watch Hulu through a game console or Chromecast, tapping "Choose TV Device" on the watch app's home screen will let you control Hulu on those device as well.

Here's what you should expect from Hulu for iPhone and iPad 4.4:

  • Apple Watch support is here! Use your Apple watch as a remote to control playback expeience and captions on Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and Chromecast
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

You can grab the latest version of Hulu from the App Store now.

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