Humble Bundle is back with Humble Bundle X, a collection of indie games that lets you name your own price. You even have a say as to how the money is divvied up between the developers, Humble Bundle and charities. This bundle's collection includes an adventure game, platformer, puzzler and action game. Pay more than the average and you'll get two bonus games, too. The games are all available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

This bundle's round of games include:

Freebird Games' To the Moon, an adventure RPG done up in 16-bit console style, with an unusual story: two doctors traverse through a dying patient's memories to fulfill his last wish.

Hello Games' Joe Danger 2: The Movie, a racing and platform game featuring stuntman Joe Danger, on the set of one of a blockbuster action film. Joe Danger takes on robots with lasers, dons a stolen jetpack, steals away from falling boulders in a minecart and more.

Papo and Yo, a platform puzzle game that follows the story of Quico, a little boy, and his best friend Monster. Monster has an insatiable appetite for poisonous frogs that turn him into a ragemonster, and you have to help them find a cure.

Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, the sequel to BIT.TRIP.RUNNER. A side scrolling autorunning game with more than 100 levels spread over five worlds as you try to catch the megalomaniacal Timbletot. The game borrows from its predecessor's gameplay but doesn't use the same bitmap graphics - instead, Gaijin Games went for polygonal 3D graphics.

If you pay more than the average amount, you'll also unlock two additional games: Reus, a god game in which you play as a friendly giant who has the ability to control and shape the planet, and Surgeon Simulator 2013, a wacky 3D game in which you have to control the arm of a surgeon as you do organ transplants and perform other life-saving surgeries.