IBM has announced its intention to bring Apple's Swift programming language to the cloud, previewing its new Swift runtime and Swift Package Catalog today in a new roadmap. With these tools, end-to-end development of enterprise applications should be much simpler. IBM is deploying Swift as part of its Bluemix cloud platform.

Right now, IBM says developers can do the following with Swift in the cloud:

  • Experiment in the Swift Sandbox: Quickly experiment with open sourced Swift, ramp up your skill set and learn what Swift can do for your enterprise by checking out new enhancements to the Swift Sandbox.
  • Develop and Deploy: Start building end-to-end applications on Bluemix and quickly deploy them with Kitura, a new open source web server released by IBM, on both OSX and Linux.
  • Share Swift Resources: Leverage code across projects by creating packages and submitting them to the Swift Package Catalog on Bluemix to encourage sharing of new Swift resources with the global developer community.

One of Apple's major partners on a few initiatives, IBM has been a vocal proponent of Swift ever since Apple made the language open source late last year. The company previously released their Swift Sandbox tool, allowing developers to write and run Swift code in a server environment. IBM engineers also regularly contribute to the Swift open source project.